Internet Sites Take the first step. It sometimes happens that the user is simply to lazy surf the site in order to understand its essence. Here to help portal administrators to come to all sorts of tricks: the notification of the receipt of a user posts a new, interactive window "may be, you know?" With photos of users. Contain rating system. Surveys of users of social networking, entertainment portals and forums conducted by independent research centers have shown that more than half of participants (58%) participate in any ratings, more respondents (78%) admitted that they like "to put assessment" to other users. Watch for the latest news. The logic is simple. If the site follow the news that are characteristic of his work - hence, He leads an active life. Nobody will be registered on the site, which comes every day and 100-200, even if the number of registered users on it for more than half a million. A second important aspect of attracting users, which may also affect the developers portal, is to actively invite new people to existing users. Establish the relationship between the person who invited and accepted the invitation. Firstly, any network to a greater or lesser extent, encourages competition for the number of friends: "The more you contact, the more your weight in the community." Nevertheless it is not worth believing high hopes for this competition because the number of contacts is not always congruent with their quality. It makes no sense to have 100 contacts, of whom you are dealing with only 10. For information on building free websites go to buildfree. Consider the ability to send links to interesting stuff from the community of friends for his outside, it can awaken interest in the community itself. Give the opportunity to send a link to e-mail,...

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